Cellular Regeneration (CRT) Therapy

What is Cellular Regeneration Therapy (CRT)?

Cellular Regeneration Therapy (CRT) is a novel solution (proprietary formulation) that provides specialized nutrients to the human cell. CRT was developed along ten years of study and research cumulated into a propriety formulation of intravenous solutions (REDOX, LIPON and LUMINA) that is manufactured in an Australian cGMP laboratory. DNA recombinant technology was used to extract the main components of the solution.

What we need Cellular Regeneration Therapy (CRT)?

CRT is able to stimulate the mitochondria and the cell to function as when the cell was younger. Hence, the cascade of Aging changes to the body may be reversed resulting in a healthier and more vigorous individual with the aim to age gracefully.


Liver detoxification

Cardiovascular and kidney disease prevention

Improve nervous system

Enhance cell membrane health

Suitable For: