Cellular Regeneration (CRT) Therapy

What is Cellular Regeneration Therapy (CRT)?

Cellular Regeneration Therapy (CRT) is a novel solution (proprietary formulation) that provides specialized nutrients to the human cell. CRT was developed along 10 years of study and research cumulated into a propriety formulation of intravenous solutions (Redox+, Lipon and Lumina) that is manufactured in an Australian cGMP laboratory. DNA recombinant technology was used to extract the main components of the solution.
Each therapy is carefully formulated with specially selected antioxidants for your unique health needs. These nutrients are delivered effectively with the aid of  
mitochondrial cell penetrating peptide (mtCPP) 1, 8, and 9. This peptide acts as an effective nutrient carrier, targeting and penetrating mitochondrial membrane to deliver antioxidant molecules effectively.

Why Cellular Regeneration Therapy (CRT)?

Antioxidants delivered via CRT is able to stimulate the mitochondria and cells to function as when the cell was younger. Hence, the effects of aging to the body may be reversed resulting in a healthier and more vigorous individual.


Feeling tired all of the time? The accumulation of heavy metals in your body can interfere with the functioning of mitochondria, which are responsible for producing energy in our cells.
Heavy metal toxicity will also affect the production of red blood cells, causing poor blood circulation and fatigue.
CRT Redox+ is therefore your best choice to enhance energy levels. It is targeted to remove excess free radicals and maintain the balance between free radicals and antioxidants in the body.

Ingredients & Benefits:

CRT Redox+ ingredient and benefits


Do you feel your memory slipping? If you want to give your brain a boost, CRT Lipon is for you.  

CRT Lipon works in the brain to protect, modulate and regenerate brain & nerve cells. It helps improve cognitive decline and symptoms of age-related memory problems 

Furthermore, its potent antioxidant blend has been proven beneficial in supporting liver, cardiovascular, kidney and gut health.

Ingredients & Benefits:

CRT Lipon Ingredients & Benefits


We believe that nourishing yourself properly will reflect in your appearance. Hence, CRT Lumina is specially formulated to strengthen the skin barrier against harmful substances and supports for stronger joints and connective tissues. A sure fire way to look great while being active and travelling! 

Ingredients & Benefits:

CRT Lumina Ingredients & Benefits 1

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