Immune Enhancement (NK Cell) Therapy

What Is Immune Enhancement (NK Cell) Therapy?

Natural killer cells also known as NK cells as part of the immune system, represent the front line of defence against infected (by bacteria, parasite or virus) and malignant cells. When NK cells detect abnormal or foreign cells, the target cells will be eliminated rapidly. However, aging impairs the production of NK cells and its ability to attack abnormal cells, which is associated with the increase of infection and sickness. Therefore, we help by expanding the population of NK cells through our NK cell treatment to enhance the immune system of your body.

Increase Your Chances Fighting Against Potential Diseases

The knowledge of NK cell biology is fundamental to develop new therapies in terms of boosting up immune system and  against the development of cancer cell. A powerful therapy that helps strengthen the body’s defence system against possible infection or diseases.


Lowers the risk of getting an infection

Eliminates diseased cells from the body

Speeds up recovery after sickness

Strengthens the body’s defense system

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Frequently Asked Questions

Immune Enhancement or NK Cell therapy is intended to counteract the inevitable loss of immune function due to aging and chronic diseases. The current pandemic has shown that people with lower immunity are more prone to severe disease and death, and this include the elderly, cancer patients and people with chronic metabolic diseases. An infusion of a huge number of NK cell (which is the frontliner of the innate immune system) into the body effectively boost up our body’s defenses, and wards off pathogens that threaten our well-being.

NK cell therapy involves the NK cells that are present in our bodies. A small amount of blood will be collected from our bodies to extract the NK cells that are yet to mature. Cultivated under the right conditions and nutrients, the immature NK cells are expanded into a huge population before being infused back into the body. As it comes from our own cells, there is no risk of rejection.

In order to ensure the huge number of NK cells is fully absorbed into the body, Immune Enhancement Therapy is performed intravenously by our professionally trained medical team. NK cells are being delivered directly through your vein to maximize its efficacy. Oral consumption will not have such efficacy.

Your doctor will assess you thoroughly to ensure your suitability for this therapy. We will go through a list of questionnaires and health screening to understand your current health status before advising further.

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