Luxxo DNA Test Kit with a saliva collection tube and a case

Luxxo DNA Test Kit - Comprehensive DNA Testing with 262 Reports and Personalized Health and Wellness Insights

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Discover a World of Personalized Health and Wellness Insights with Luxxo DNA Test

Comprehensive DNA Reports

Ā Gain access to 262 DNA reports covering various aspects of your health and well-being.


Suitable for:Ā 

Disease Risk Assessment

Identify your risk levels for 86 types of diseases, including Type II Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Attack, Alzheimerā€™s, and more.

Personalized Nutrient Needs

Optimize your diet with insights into 19 types of nutrient needs and make informed dietary choices for a healthier lifestyle.

Hereditary Disease Screening

Plan for a healthy future generation by understanding your risk for 43 types of single-gene hereditary diseases before pregnancy

Diet Choices & Intolerances

Discover your sensitivities towards fats, carbohydrates, alcohol, caffeine, and more. Customize your diet for better food choices.

Fitness & Exercise Guidance

Unleash your exercise potential with personalized advice based on 14 types of fitness factors.

Drug Response

Know which medications may work effectively for you and avoid potential side effects. Enhance your healthcare decisions.


Find out if your body is more prone to inflammation, produces toxins faster, metabolic response, or you tend to have a higher level of cholesterol. It is helpful when you are planning to lose weight or lower 3 Highs.

Skincare Recommendations

Tailor your skincare routine with insights into 12 types of skin care results, achieving healthier and radiant skin.

Parental Insights

Understand your child's personality traits and learning abilities with 50 types of genetic analysis. Shape their education plan accordingly.


DNA Test Kit Malaysia Step By Step Guidelines

Step 1:

Order your kit online

Step 2:

Receive kit and read through our starter guide

Step 3:

Spit into the tube & mail the kit back to us123

Step 4:

Receive your reports within 30 days after we receive your DNA sample

Ā Step 5:

Book an appointmentĀ for your complimentary consultation

Luxxo DNA Test Kit includes:

  • 1x DIY saliva test kit - do it in the comfort of your own home!
  • 262 DNA reports
  • Test results ready in 30 days
  • A comprehensive DNA report with detailed explanation and recommendations will be available in soft copy
  • Reports available in English or Mandarin
  • Complimentary personalized consultation with our in-house Nutritionist (off/online)

Frequently Asked Questions

A DNA test enables you to discover what makes you unique. With reports like fat sensitivity and lactose intolerance, learn how your DNA can influence your diet and lifestyle. Your DNA can even give you insights on the likelihood to develop certain diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, gout and more. Through understanding our genetic makeup, we can make informed decisions on our external factors, such as dietary and lifestyle choices to switch on the good genes and switch off the bad ones.

DNA test is suitable for anyone from babies, adolescence to adults. It is suitable for parents who are curious on their childā€™s learning tendencies and personality traits. It is also suitable for anyone who is curious to understand how their DNA affects their family planning, nutrition and workout plans. This test only needs to be done once in your lifetime.

Your DNA genotyping results are based on thousands of published research articles. Genotyping looks at specific points in your DNA to identifies variations. Those variations can help us identify and associate it with important information on our health, genetic diseases, nutrition and traits.

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